brothers mackay 1980
Brothers Mackay 1981

Brothers Rugby Union Mackay was hastilly formed in 1978 with a borrowed set of rugby league jerseys and hot chicken raffels in the public bar at the then Wilkinsons Hotel.The club then entered  a fledgling Mackay Rugby Union competition which would then later be expanded to the Mackay and District Rugby Union (MDRU) with the inclusion of Proserpine and some Coal Mining teams from the hinterland.

Games were at that stage played on a three quater sized field at a venue known as 'The Grail' situated at the rear of the now Mackay Toyota Complex.Games were also occasionally played at the Slade Point School sportrs oval.Games did not commence at the present site at Quarry Hill until Saturday 23rd of June 1984.

Brothers like all other teams first years in the competition at the Grail only fielded an A Grade side.It wasn't until 1981 that a 10 a side Reserve Grade sides were added.And yes you guessed it,that year was Brothers first of many Grand Final wins.

Brothers Mackay celebrated its 25th Aniversary in 2003 with a lavish and well presented dinner at the Mackay Entertainment Centre.They also boasted the only sucessfulll locally  organised playing and sight seeing European and British Isles Tour in October 1984.

It is hoped that a better presentation of the European Tour and The 25th Anniversary Celebrations will be added to this site at a later date.As will be more tall and not so tall stories from Brother's colorfull past,so stay tuned!